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Beetle Bugs and Your Diet

By: Max Gregory

Cochineal and your healthy yogurt

I recently went to the grocery store to buy a few of my favorite food items... just a typical day. I was carrying a hand-held basket and strolled over to the dairy section to get some organic yogurt.

As I was sorting through the different flavors of the single serving containers, I noticed next to me two elderly people. Nothing unusual there.

Strawberry yogurt red dyed with Carmine.

But what really caught my eye was they were loading up their shopping cart with 30 to 40 single containers of yogurt!

They apparently liked yougurt..., so I asked them why so much yogurt. They simply replied that yogurt is a healthy food with beneficial flora.

So I asked if they knew the other ingredients in that strawberry yogurt they're buying, and if they ever heard about the food additive called carmine.

They replied, "No we don't know. What is carmine"?

Carmine is ground-up Beetle Bugs!

Cochineal insect used as a food coloring agent.

Yes, the beetle bug is a cochineal insect that is added to many brands of strawberry yogurt because of its bright red color (from the blood)... which enhances the "look" of the yogurt.

The extra red dye from the Carmine is an attempt to make food products (in this case, strawberry yogurt) more appealing by giving it a vivid red tint... more than what the actual red strawberries can do. Thus creating the illusion that the yogurt is somehow better.

Disturbing, isn't it?

The manufacturers actually dry and separate the abdomen and fertilized eggs (because it's the most bloody red part of the insect). Then these insect body parts are crushed into a powder... and mixed in your healthy yogurt.

There is no nutritional value, the only purpose of this bug juice additive is to make the products "look" better to the customer to increase sales. But in some people this bug juice can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylactic reactions which is potentially life-threatening!

Since more people are discovering that bugs (carmine) is intentionally added to food the manufacturers are getting even more sneeky... by coming up with other clever names for Carmine to put on the labels such as:

  • Crimson Lake
  • Natural Red 4
  • C.I. 75470
  • Cochineal
  • E120

Carmine is also found in many other foods and cosmetics too. So read the ingredients on food and product labels and see if you find any of their disguised names for adding beetle bugs as a coloring agent... unless you enjoy bloody abdomen and fertilized eggs of beetle bugs in your diet!


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